As with our windows, our unique lamps are created using hand made art glass, produced at our studio, and often custom made for each lamp commission. Our lamp gallery represents a small sampling of commissioned leaded glass lamps and hanging fixtures created by Stelz Studios. The ability to create custom opalescent sheet glass at the studio allows Stelz to produce lamps of the finest artistic quality available today. Our table lamps are supported by finely cast and patinated bronze bases, or are available in custom made Arts and Crafts style pottery bases.

Our hanging lamps are also supported by cast bronze fixtures, which compliment our leaded glass shades. Most lamps pictured are custom designed, however, in addition to our custom lamps, we also reproduce some of the more popular designs from the Tiffany Studios.


 As you view each photo please understand that the true colors and beauty of the glass works cannot be fully captured photographically, no less downloaded to your computer screen. We do not maintain an inventory of completed windows or lighting fixtures for sale.

Whatever the work, a creation by Stelz Studios is a timeless work of decorative art,
to be enjoyed today and by future generations.